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Steve Dechan’s P14 moves to improve pain management in the UK

By Steve Dechan

Chronic pain is something I’ve always cared deeply about. I’ve known people who have suffered, often alone, in the knowledge that the NHS simply can’t care for them. Faced with a choice of waiting it out for years to see a pain specialist the choice for patients is often the consistent use of opioids. That needs to change.

Spinal cord and peripheral stimulation requires expensive implanted devices, these solutions can take up to 13 years from first presentation to implantation due to patient selection criteria and availability.

Last year Platform 14 acquired a share in BioWave USA and this year we are on mission to use their flagship product BioWave to revolution pain management in the UK. 

What is BioWave? BioWave is a pain management device Platform 14 is bringing to the UK, it is currently under application for a CE mark. In layman’s terms the device delivers therapeutic electrical signals through the skin to block pain signals from nerves and this prevents these signals from making their through the central nervous system and reaching the brain. Biowave is patented and is an entirely new piece of technology.

BioWave can be used at home and on the go. It has already been a tremendous success in the USA. Over 100 professional sports teams and 137 college sports programmes in America are currently using the device in addition to countless members of the general public. In the UK, we’re currently trialling the device with a number of different premiere league football clubs (unfortunately I can’t disclose which ones) but they are loving the results. 

So let’s be clear about this – a small device, people can use at home, which can be produced at mass and at a lower cost to the UK’s health system. This little magic blue box has the potential to revolutionise the pain landscape in the UK. 

I truly believe that the UK can become a global leader in pain management. It will require a new model of care; a national pain management service which reflects the scale of the problem and the need to move at pace in giving people their independence and pain free lives back. 

I don’t believe we have all the answers, but a new approach to pain management in the UK which respects the need for a variety of treatments (from medtech to therapy) is a step in the right direction. Let’s make it happen. 

If you would like more information about BioWave, please visit our website.

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