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Businessman and former councillor, Steve Dechan, is the owner of Gloucestershire-based Platform-14, a leading industry supplier specialising in medical devices for those suffering with chronic pain difficulties.

The global market for pain management is estimated to grow to a value of $52 billion by 2022. Steve Dechan aims for Platform-14 become the world leader in combatting chronic pain, and is constantly on the search for the best devices and services to work towards doing so.

About Steve Dechan

Born in Scotland and raised in Glasgow, Steve Dechan learned the values of customer service, retail, and hard work from a young age. Steve’s early life saw him work in sales, insurance, and later commercial banking. 

Steve’s first venture into his own business was establishing the UK’s 2nd largest student and travel insurer, which he later sold. Following a break, he then took his first steps into the medical world by investing in a start-up urology business.


Recent Articles

Restarting Elective Surgery

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a particularly detrimental impact on elective surgery rates in the UK. However, while the elective surgery rates of many medical areas are beginning to improve, those of orthopaedics are still among the lowest.

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My Take On Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain

According to the NHS, chronic musculoskeletal pain has a colossal impact on public health, affecting up to three in ten British adults and disproportionately impacting over-55s. In an age where taking care of our elderly has become more important than ever, it is vital that we do our utmost to reduce its debilitating effect on their daily lives.

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Chronic pain in a post-COVID world

Managing the immediate demands of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has tested many of the world’s healthcare systems to their limits. As we move forward, the new challenges presented by this impact must be faced.

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My Take on the Link between Pain and Inequality in the UK

Chronic pain is one of the greatest health challenges this country faces; everyday millions of people suffer from chronic pain, preventing or restricting them from the everyday activities we all love. A common view is that chronic pain is something which only affects older people – grandmas’ knee or grandpa’s hip.

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Revolutionising the Pain Management Market in the UK: My Hopes for BioWave

Platform 14 was founded with the sole purpose of introducing and distributing new medical technology in to the UK market. I am exceptionally proud of everything the company has achieved so far, but as they say: the best is yet to come. Last year Platform 14 acquired a share in BioWave USA and this year we are on mission to use their flagship product BioWave to revolution pain management in the UK.

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Chronic Pain: An Outline of the Basics

Everyone knows what it means to experience physical pain. But what is pain really? Well the brain and nerves inside the spine (spinal nerves) make up the central nervous system and the spinal nerves carry messages from the body to the brain to tell it what’s going on.

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Why pain management matters for the UK Economy

Chronic pain is costly, and in more ways than one. When people think of chronic pain they will think of back pain, issues in the joints or mobility issues. Many will think of the mental health challenges posed also. However, all of the consequences of pain lead to a costly impact on the UK economy – policy makers need to focus their attention on this.

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My Musings on Use of Opioids for Pain Management in the UK

What are opioids? If you search for the word, google will tell you that ‘Opioids are a broad group of pain-relieving drugs’. They work by attaching to receptors found on cells in different parts of the body. This stops the receptors transmitting messages signalling pain through the central nervous system to the brain.

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Steve Dechan’s P14 moves to improve pain management in the UK

Chronic pain is something I’ve always cared deeply about. I’ve known people who have suffered, often alone, in the knowledge that the NHS simply can’t care for them. Faced with a choice of waiting it out for years to see a pain specialist the choice for patients is often the consistent use of opioids.

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